Welcome to Bouncing Parties Express!

Bouncing Parties Express was founded in 2007 on the premise that if you provide exceptional service, offer first quality, and well-maintained equipment, the customers are likely to return for our service.

Bouncing Parties Express is a family owned and operated company and we take pride in ensuring our customers are satisfied with our service. 

So what sets us apart from the rest?

Prior to Bouncing Parties Express even being an idea, my wife and I had three children and we were constantly being invited to parties (specifically birthday parties). Parents would rent bounce houses and a few of the things I noticed that parents complained about was safety of the children and cleanliness of the rental equipment. I looked over to my wife and told her we had to make an impact in the rental business and started brainstorming. When parents rented a bounce house/moonwalk, all kids would want to jump. Problem was there are kids of different ages, resulting in them getting hurt.

What do we offer to assist in correcting this issue?

We offer the rental of a smaller inflatable for younger children/toddlers at no extra charge, with the rental of every bounce house/moonwalk. We quickly realized parents loved the idea that the bigger kids can utilize the inflatable and toddlers alike (in their own inflatable) without getting hurt and of course all while providing parent’s extremely competitive rates.

The other thing we do that sets us apart from other party rental companies is after every rental, we sanitize all of our equipment to ensure that the client is receiving it in excellent and clean condition. We are constantly requesting feedback from our clients and event planners and working on making the party rental industry better. By doing so, it has allowed us to continue to reach new heights within the industry.

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